Ready to Help?

League of Everyday People Youth Music Scholarship is a wonderful initiative that supports aspiring young musicians who cannot afford instruments in Humboldt County.

Here are some ways you can help the organization:

  • Make a donation:

    The easiest way to support the League of Everyday People Youth Music Scholarship is by making a donation. Every dollar helps in providing professional quality instruments and music lessons to the deserving students.

  • Spread the word:

    Share information about the scholarship program with your family, friends, and colleagues. You can also post about it on your social media channels to reach a wider audience.

  • Volunteer:

    The organization may need volunteers to help with events, fundraising, or administrative tasks. Contact the organization to see how you can contribute your time and skills.

  • Attend their events: The League of Everyday People often hosts events to raise funds for their scholarship program. Attend these events to show your support and enjoy music and art from the community.

  • Sponsor a student:

    Consider sponsoring a student by covering the cost of their instrument or music lessons. This will have a direct impact on the life of a young musician in your community.

  • Donate instruments:

    If you have unused or gently used instruments, consider donating them to the scholarship program. This will help provide more opportunities for deserving students to learn and play music.

  • Partner with the organization:

    If you're a local business owner, consider partnering with the League of Everyday People to support their mission. You can offer your space or services for events, donate a portion of your profits to the scholarship program, or collaborate on a project.

  • Encourage students to apply:

    If you know of a young musician who could benefit from the scholarship, encourage them to apply. The organization is always looking for talented and motivated students to support.

  • Provide mentorship:

    If you're an experienced musician, consider volunteering as a mentor to the scholarship recipients. You can offer guidance, advice, and support as they develop their musical skills and pursue their dreams.

  • Share your story:

    If you have a personal connection to music or the arts, share your story with the scholarship recipients. This can inspire and motivate them to pursue their passions and reach their full potential.

  • Host a fundraising event:

    You can organize a fundraising event, such as a concert or art show, and donate the proceeds to the scholarship program.

  • Create awareness:

    You can help raise awareness about the importance of music education by writing articles or blog posts, creating social media content, or giving presentations to local schools and organizations.

  • Volunteer your skills:

    If you have a particular skill or expertise that can benefit the scholarship program, such as graphic design, marketing, or fundraising, consider volunteering your services.

  • Attend music performances:

    Support local musicians and artists by attending their performances. This helps create a vibrant arts community and provides inspiration for the scholarship recipients.

  • Advocate for music education:

    You can advocate for the importance of music education by contacting local officials and policymakers, sharing research and data on the benefits of music education, and supporting policies that prioritize music education in schools.

By taking these actions, you can help ensure that the League of Everyday People Youth Music Scholarship continues to provide opportunities for young musicians to develop their talents and share their music with the world. In helping the League of Everyday People Youth Music Scholarship, you can play a vital role in supporting the next generation of musicians and artists in Humboldt County.

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